Here’s my dream.  I’d love to be able to buy ridiculously expensive little black dress from a designer on this blog who’ll give the money to save an orphan.  I could be proud of wearing that.  “Yeah, I paid a ridiculous amount of money for this gorgeous dress, and 3 kids ate dinner in Africa!”  I’d brag about that.

I’d love to furnish my house in awesome furniture from artists that donated their talents to give a kid a mosquito net so they wouldn’t die of malaria by the time they’re five.

I’d love to buy my kid’s next birthday cake from a super talented baker who donated the money to give an orphan their first real birthday party.  Ever.

Maybe this is a crazy dream.  But I hope God would smile and dream with me.

Oh yeah, and I’d love for some amazing graphics / web designer to donate their time to make this a reality.  Anyone?  Anyone?