This chair was given to me in sorry shape, but she had such good bones I couldn’t pass her up.  She’d been sitting in a downtown warehouse, neglected and left behind for who knows how long, until someone came along with a love of antiques, a 7 yard remnant of amazing velvet, and an apartment with nothing but a sofa.

Fast forward a few years, add kids, a dog, and a house in the suburbs.  My chair is too cool for me.  It needs a new home…one with a formal living room that doesn’t also double as a Thomas the Train playroom.  Or maybe a master bedroom that needs a lovely chair in the corner to read in.  If you’re wondering if this classifies as my “art”….well, my art was textiles, and this is RICH velvet.  Not to mention the art of whoever created her in the first place.  Nice job, unnamed craftsman.

Click here to buy her.  All the proceeds will go to Voice of the Martyrs on this one.