Since I’m out of “art”, I’m posting another piece from my days of past single-hood…back when I lived in an old historic neighborhood, never worrying about stepping on a lego or potty in the hallway.  I’d never trade this suburban mommy life for my old “cool” one, but I’m ashamed to say this table has lived the last few months as a platform for a toy barn, covered with an old quilt.  Horrors.  It’s much to cool for that life.  (Oh, and the history of this one…I found it at an antiques place in small town Kansas.  The old guy who owned the place had no idea how cool it was.  He may have even suggested stripping it!  Eeek Gads!)


I used to put fresh greenery around the candle in the center for Christmas…now I’d be petrified of actually lighting a candle at a height below six feet. And it sat on a gorgeous white Flokati rug from New Zealand.  (Whatever happened to that rug?)  And just in case you were wondering, I’m not giving up the chairs.  Not yet, anyway.  I have an unhealthy attachment to them.

The proceeds from the coffee table will go to Amazima’s ministry in Uganda.  Click here to give it a new, cooler home.

Someday maybe I’ll have a separate section for “furniture”, “fine art”, etc.  Someday…