I’m going to post this before my aunt (who gave me this rocking chair when my first child was born) discovers this blog.  I must admit, I tend to keep things because of the memory behind them, and because “someday my child will want this.”  Kind of like a hoarder, but not…I’m sure, not.  Still, there are only so many rocking chairs a girl can have.  And this one is better suited for someone under 5’9″.  And my kids will probably prefer everything modern and metallic silver or something hideous like that.  And this gorgeous rocker would end up sad and alone at an estate sale in 50 years when they move me to the home.  Awful thought.  She is pretty, isn’t she?  Reminds me of a longhorn steer.  In a good way.  And she’s actually really comfortable, as far as wooden rocking chairs go.  I mean, she’s not a La-Z-Boy, but she is a lot prettier.  100% of the proceeds from this chair will go to Compassion International.  Comment below or click here if you want her!  (And once I again, I apologize that this isn’t art.  Until you other artists start bucking up, there’s only so much one mama can do!)  If no one buys her the way she is, I’m thinking about painting some Geogia O’Keefe-esque stuff in the center.  It seems to be begging to be painted….what do you think?  Paint?  Not paint?  OR, I could do some custom paint job for a nursery…any takers?